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USB Low-Noise
Power Supply


for balanced

best MC cartridge

AQVOX ASIO software for USB DACs




AQVOX designs and manufactures audio products for highest audiophile demands!



audiophile SWITCH 8x Gigabit  
HighEnd Audio Switch AQ-SWITCH - Reviews on www.myhifishop.com testimonials
This reclocking video- and audiophile gigabit 8x network SWITCH improves
all video and audio formats to very intense experiences.

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Product showcase -
not all products are already integrated in our online-shop or as product info on our homepage,
in case you are interested in a particular product, just give us a ring or send an email.

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Devices Cables Accessoires
• DAC  192/24 • Digital: USB COAX-75 TOS AES/EBU LAN • MC cartridges
• mini USB DAC asynchron 192/24 • Powercords US IEC Euro • Power distributors 8x
• USB SPdif convertor 192/24 • Speaker cables • ASIO driver USB-Audio
• Analog/Digital convertor  192/24 (out of stock) • Interconnects copper & silver XLR Cinch • USB-LowNoise power supply (out of stock)
• Phonostage • Phono copper & silver 5pin XLR Cinch • USB Detoxer USB Terminator
• SWITCH 8x • Custom cables of terminations • RJ45 CAPS LAN Detoxer
• CD-ripper reader burner drives   • Repairs, Upgrades, Tuning
    • Hotline for all questions

Interesting products:

CD Ripping - CD reader drive for losless reading of audiophile CD archives and storing on harddisk, SSD, NAS etc.
ad is available
- please call for consultation.
The best CD-drive for lossless ripping of audiophile CD-archives
- used in the broadcasting industry.

USB-LowNoise power supply



PHONO 2 Ci MKII - Phono-Preamp ( Phono Stage ) in true-balanced single-ended Class-A
for all MM and MC-cartridges. Unique adjustable Balanced-Current-Amplification input for MC´s.
Passive RIAA with Neumann time constant for correct phase and level in the heighs.
Precise soundstage reproduction.



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USB 2 D/A MKII- Digital Analog converter up to 192kHz/24bit DAC with USB
(Windows, Linux + Apple OS)
boosts all digital sources ie.:
CD/DVD´s, PC´s, Mac´s, SAT-Rec, Web-Stream, etc.. to the audiophile class.

HighEnd Audio and Computer / Notebook
Outputs: RCA, XLR, USB
Defeatable 24Bit/192kHz Upsampling - JitterEx




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MIC 2 A/D - Analog Digital Converter - Preamp and 24bit/192kHz A/D Converter ADC
Designed for maximum soundquality.
Highly precise and natural performance. For audiophile digital recordings.

Ideal for digitalisation of vinyl records or tapes with its analog to
digital convertor for archives in audiophile highend quality.

best micamp, Microphone Amplifier, digital recording, ADC AD Analog digital Converter audiophile recordings Mic Amp  Phantom Power



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