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USB2.0 Upgrade for
every DAC
up to 192kHz/24bit
incl. ASIO
please inquire


please inquire

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AQVOX audiophile ASIO software for USB DACs

Better soundquality through better software, improve your computers audio stream!

The AQVOX ASIO USB Software for Windows , is a MUST TRY OUT for
every owner of a USB DAC or other audio device with a USB-input like Amplifier or CD-player.
The price/improvement ratio is simply outstanding, try it out NOW.

Install info:
1. check that your Mediaplayer program has an ASIO output option, see below or this Instruction
2. AQVOX Asio Driver installation - connect your USB-DAC to the PC and start the ASIO Installation.
- Attention, if the installation procedure shows TIMEOUT and stops, then the USB-Chip is not compatible, sorry for that.
3. The Installation takes up to 2 minutes, ignore Messages about missing Signatures, after finish reboot.
4. you need to set the Audio-Output options of your media player to AQVOX.com USB ASIO

compatible because ASIO output is already integrated : JRiver.com , ALBUMPLAYER.com , etc..
compatible because ASIO output can be integrated by the user : Foobar2000.com , winamp.com , mediamonkey.com , BPM etc..
NOT compatible because ASIO-Output is not and can not be integrated :  Windows Media Player , iTunes etc..                    

UNINSTALL - removing the ASIO driver if the uninstall routine got corrupted somehow 1. in system setting - Add-remove programs, remove/uninstall "AQVOX Audiophile USB Driver" 2. restart If you still hear the disturbance sound every minute the driver is not completely removed.
Leave the USB-DAC (USB-audio device) connected and remove the ASIO driver by hand. Einträge "AQVOX.com USB ASIO" per Hand entfernt werden. 1. go to system settings - hardware - device manager 2. under Audio- Video- Gamecontroler, uninstall by right click all AQVOX Asio entrys 3. under USB devices uninstall by right click all AQVOX Asio entrys Uninstall by hand:

In some seconds the demo-software is installed and the huge improvement in soundquality i.e. more open and transparent sound, with better dynamics and more defined low-end can instantly be heard. Sure a good hifi set and audiophile music-material is essential.
For playing the Top10 over cheap-speakers this software is not needed, because no improvement will be heard.

Download the free trial version now. It is a full version except a short disturbing signal every 60 seconds.
This signal disappears if you to buy the activation-key for the full-version.

(just try it out, if the USB-chip is not copmpatible the install process simply stops after checking)

(the ASIO-plugins for eg. Foobar or Winamp are still required as this players do not have a native ASIO-Interface, here the instructions)

currently not supported
here the 32/64bit version for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7/8/10

currently not supported
To obtain your personal activation code for the full-version, please use this > orderform

AQVOX was one of the pioneers who introduced the USB-connection for D/A converters to audio enthusiasts around the world. AQVOX has been working diligently on the task "computer as audiophile sound source".

As a perfect solution for audio streaming via computers, AQVOX presents a powerful yet easy to install and easy to use driver software. No settings necessary, works right away. The driver is solely optimized for an audiophile data transfer from the computer.


The comprehensive identification of the multiple problems caused by the operating systems and computer hardware made it possible to develop an ideal solution. A team of specialized software engineers developed the AQVOX ASIO Driver, a well-engineered software that not only bypasses completely the Windows Kernel-Mixer but also the entire Microsoft Sound System. But wait, there’s more! The AQVOX driver talks directly with the USB-chip inside the audiodevice. This is required for a true bit-perfect, low-jitter data pipeline.

Thus, with the AQVOX driver every Windows computer can deliver bit-transparent (1:1), extremly low-jitter audio signals with fantastic transparent and spatial sound. That way your computer can keep up with CD-drives/ CD-transports which would cost several thousand Euros to perform at the same level. Sure, mechanically elaborated CD-drives provide an attraction and good performance, but they are no longer essential. High-end audio gets a bit more “democratic” this way.

Requirements for an audiophile sound quality from computers:

  1. High-quality digital-to-analog converter with USB-input (e.g. AQVOX DAC)
  2. High-quality USB cable (e.g. AQVOX High-End USB-Cable)
  3. Maximum spindle-speed of the CD/DVD-drives for reading data should not exceed 2x
  4. Audiophile music material. Because even the AQVOX hard- and software is not able to perform magic.
  5. Stopp all running programs that are not vital, like virus-scanner, automatic updater, WLAN and so on.

The AQVOX driver is based upon a proprietary driver technology. It is compatible with many USB-DACs from other companies (please ask for compatibility of your DAC model or just try out). The driver works with all windows/apple based media players, sound programs and all kinds of file formats.
Please mind that the AQVOX ASIO driver is not ideal for musicians who want to record signals from MIDI-keyboards etc., because it is not optimized for short latency, but for best sound quality and compatibility with most computer types.

Most ASIO freeware is not ideal, since they are no real drivers but merely “wrappers”. Although those drivers bypass the Windows Kernel Mixer, and avoiding a good part of the sound degrading resampling (here’s more on this topic), they nevertheless route the audio data through the Windows Sound System. The point is that the integrated sound systems and USB-Kernels of the operating systems are not optimized for audiophile requirements yet for low CPU load in conjunction with various plug-ins and drivers. Timing priorities are chosen in such a way that high jitter level occurs and resamplings degrade sound quality.

The AQVOX driver has clearly better soundquality as WASAPI, DS Direct-Sound, KS Kernel-Streaming or similar solutions. The AQVOX driver routes the soundinformation 100% bit-transparent by establishing a "Sound-Pipeline" through the windows system. The "soundbytes" are untouched by the winsows-system and thus have extremely low jitter (because of no waitstates or intrerrupts) and are then handed over from the USB-Ports to the USB-Chip inside the USB-DAC via hardwarehandshake - this is true hardware-ASIO.

Improves sound quality instantly !

Advantages of the AQVOX ASIO USB software at a glance.

1. Self-installing with just one click

2. For Microsoft operating systems

3. Extremely low-jitter (improved sound), and No resampling (improved sound)

4. Bypasses completely the windows sound system

5. "talks" directly with the USB-chip inside the audio-device

6. Compatible with all kinds of media-players, play-back and music programms with an ASIO interface

7. Compatible with every professional audio editing and mastering software e.g. WaveLab, Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, nTrax...

8. Free trial-version available. (Just a short sound-signal every 60 seconds reminds you to buy the full-version).

9. Compatible with many USB-DACs from other companies
(just try it out, if the USB-chip is not copmpatible the install process simply stops with TIMEOUT )

10. WARNING! After installation the volume control of your music-player program or the windows volume slider may not work,
but if the volume control in your music-player program often still works, set the volume to maximum because digital volume-setting causes sound degradation (here’s more on this topic)

11. All minor updates will be free of charge.

12. Most important: best possible sound reproduction from computer. Amazingly good sound. The ultimate solution for your computer desktop, notebook or media-server.

Of course, it is not advisable to undo the benefits of the AQVOX driver by using a poor USB-cable. AQVOX recommends to give the AQVOX High-End USB-cable a trial. Get AQVOX USB-cables here

The AQVOX ASIO driver is now available. Download the free trial version.
It is a full version without any limits, except a short disturbing signal every 60 seconds.
This signal should remind you to buy the activation-key for the full-version.

(the ASIO-plugins for eg. Foobar or Winamp are still required as they do not have a native ASIO-output)

currently not supported

Download here the 32bit version for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7,
currently not supported

Download here the 64bit Version for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7,

currently not supported

To obtain your personal activation code for the full-version, please use this > orderform




1. FIRST download the latest version from our homepage

2. Then install software - then plug in the USB-deive.

3. Stopp all running programs that are not vital

SWITCH OFF - WLAN - Wireless-Lan, virus-scanner, automatic software updater, automatic email-updater and so on. Please do not contact us for help regarding dropouts, crackles and the like until you did not stopped these services.

4. The AQVOX ASIO driver-installation is USB-Port-related. The USB-Audiodevice works only properly with the ASIO driver at the USB-port what was used during the ASIO driver installation. If a different USB-port should be used the ASIO Software must be un-installed. After restart of the computer the ASIO driver needs to be re-installed and during the installation the USB-Audiodevice needs to be connected with the new USB-port.

5a. audible crackles
Win: Switch off the "Intel SpeedStep" / "AMD PowerNow!" BIOS option on Windows laptops.
Use this little software: http://www.diefer.de/speedswitchxp/index.html

5b. audible crackles may also come from bad or to long USB-cables or from USB-HUBS: try to test with AQVOX USB-cables.
Also limited USB-port performance: switch in BIOS from FullSpeed 15 MBit/Sec to HighSpeed 480 MBit/Sec.
Set the driver to "internal" sample rate generation, this helps for dropout-free output.

6. Give more cpu-power to the audio/ASIO-processing:
set the Computer-Power-options to optimized for background-services:
for WinXP
under - enhanced - SYSTEMPOWER options - on SETTINGS -
under - enhanced - under CPU or Power

Here a Screenshot as example, sorry only available in german :


7. in BIOS settings: test-wise switch off the on-board soundcard


8. Please check in your system / device-manager that the AQVOX driver appears in the USB-devicelist. Here a screenshot as example :

9. please give us a call in case of problems, a interactive phone-call solves faster problems than email


here Foobar + Winamp ASIO setup help


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