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The Story of AQVOX - founded in 2003 by Susanne Candeias, who has over 30 years of experience in designing, developing and auditioning high-end audio devices.
All AQVOX developments are tested, among other things, by listening tests of her trained ears. Her absolute pitch hearing (here the explanation) which was attested by two music teachers and her extensive musical understanding is essential for the superior sound quality of all AQVOX products.

Susanne discovered her passion for the world of music at 8 when she started playing the violin. An absolute stroke of luck was a permanent subscription of her music-interested parents. Thanks to this, she was able to hear the world's best opera singers and musicians in the Hamburg State Opera, at a very early age. The "musical synapses" are extremely well-trained and tuned, if you enjoy at the tender age of 13 years, in approximately 7 performances a year the complete classical repertoire on top level. This went on for about seven years, until the start of the study.

The topic of audio electronics was of interest to her, when she noticed early, that the recordings with father's reel tape did sound far better than with the cassette recorder. Then it was not long before she set up her first hi-fi system with 16. Consisting of MISSION amplifiers, the obligatory NAKAMICHI Tapedeck and self-building speakers from Teufel Lautsprecher.

While studying traffic planning at the TU Berlin, she attended lectures in electrical engineering. Among others, to get a better technical understanding of her intimate hifi hobby. From passion to profession, a little later - in 1986 - the HighEnd Hifi development and production company Candeias High-End Audio-Technology was co-founded by Susanne.

She is an active member of choirs for many years, and takes frequent lessions with vocal coaches, as well as participating in vocal training workshops.

Timeline of Major Events CANDEIAS / AQVOX Loudspeaker CERATONE

Development of a CD player upgrade system, which made CD players sound substantially more authentic by "neutralizing the digital rendition process". This upgrade was available for many CD players and was quickly adopted by other companies. Introduction of CERATONE, a 3-way, slim bass-reflex speaker with the first THIEL "ceramic-calotts" for improved mids/highs, and MILAGRO, a bipolar loudspeaker with active correction.

Introduction of the MODELO series, featuring mini high-end D/A converter, preamp and power amp components, just 24 cm wide, and all working with a completely balanced signal processing. MODELO, as well as the bipolar loudspeaker models MILAGRO and ESTRO, appear at the international consumer electronic show IFA in Berlin "and are noted for their elegant design and superb performance".
Take a look at the beautifull Candeias MODELO series designed by Susanne

MODELO fully balanced MM/MC phonostage is used by cartridge makers. The new MODELO CD transport and the MODELO balanced DAC are awarded "excellent" by the STEREO magazine. A detailed report on the MODELO CD Drive/DAC combination, appears in the IMAGE HIFI magazine.
Candeias Modelo DAC Pro TEST 03/95 test (in german) - CANDEIAS Modelo DAC Professional. Part-1 Modelo DAC pro Seite 1 Part-2 Modelo DAC pro Seite 2 Part-3 Modelo DAC pro Seite 3
(with friendly permission - Nitschke Verlag)

MODELO D/A-Converter and CD-Transport

Development of the Advanced-Class-A amplification technology.
The Advanced-Class-A concept avoids dynamic disturbances originating from frequencies and loads. The first Advanced-Class-A power amp enters the market.

Susanne launches AQVOX to offer audiophile audio-devices targeting recording studios, multimedia- and high-end hifi users.

The concept, design and the demanding technology of the new AQVOX series is developed.

The first three AQVOX products, all fully balanced and based on the Advanced-Class-A/CA in Single-Ended Class-A amplification technology, go to production.

MIC 2 A/D - 2-Channel-Micamp with 48V Phantom-power and integrated analog/digital converter
USB 2 D/A - digital/analog converter DAC with USB interface
PHONO 2 CI - balanced Phono amplifier

Raving international reviews confirming the positive customer experiences with AQVOX devices. The improvements in the MKII series, brought the Vinyl phonostage Phono2Ci and the USB 2 DA DAC a big audiophile step ahead.
World´s first USB-audio optimized USB cables for audiophile sound quality where developed and introduced by AQVOX.

The introduction of the COAX digitalcable with 75-Ohm both in conductor AND the RCA-plugs, and special phonocables in twisted copper - or braided solidcore of pure silver had very good resonance with customers. These cables improved the soudquality of Phono2Ci and USB2 DA converter.

Because of superior sound quality the improved models Phono-MKII and USB2DA-MKII will be able to hold top positions above their respective price classes for the coming years.

The new USB LowNoise Powersupply for USB DAC´s delivered good results in two ways. It firstly improved sound and second it solved crackling and dropouts
what some customers have with Windows or Mac.

MC cartridges MC-Prestige & MC-Premium. AQVOX finally created two MC-pickups which exactly matching the requirements of balanced-current-amplification inputs. Customers reporting excellent neutrality and resolution. AQVOX improved a digital iPod iPhone Dockingstation which is now available.
The first AQVOX Powercable is available.
The worlds first CAT7 high end LAN cable with full metal plugs is presented by AQVOX.

With the introduction of the myDDC AQVOX brings the first asynchronous HiRes USB-SPDif Converter ( 44.1kHz to 192kHz/24bit) with true hardware ASIO drivers,
which is essentially required for bit-perfect audiophile playback under windows.

- Speakercables with high damping factor. After some years of experiementing, finally AQVOX introduces speaker cables for more precise signal transfer.
The energy feedback from the speakers is effectively reduced by very low inductance and capacity. All kind of amps benefit from our audiophile speaker cables.

the new AQVOX Webshop starts under www.myhifishop.com und www.myhifishop.de
- Active speakers with HEIL Air Motion Tweeter ( AMT ) und classic AMP´s in class-A and class-A/B with active crossovers.

CD-Drives for audiophile CD-ripping of audio-CDs

worlds first audiophile High-End LAN SWITCH, dramatic improvement of sound quality of NAS or Stream via LAN www.myhifishop.de


often mentioned, but AQVOX has one, the only true and worlds first - Voodoo Corner....

LAN port detoxer - protects and denoises open LAN ports

USB-Terminator and USB-Detoxer. Terminates the USB datalines and cleans the power supply of open USB-Ports, thus improves the sound quality www.myhifishop.de




Susanne Candeias World-of-HiFi in Dortmund 2006Susanne Candeias


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