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USB LowNoise Powersupply
for USB-DAC´s

AQVOX ASIO Software für viele USB DACs


HighEnd USB-cables

AQVOX USB Low-Noise 5V Isolated Linear Power Supply— For USB DACs or USB-Devices USB Audio interfaces

++++++ Out of Stock, not available, will not be sold anymore, will not be manufactured again++++++

for all USB Versions USB3.0 USB2.0 USB1.1

100% fully compatible with ALL USB-powered USB-devices

Here again: AQVOX was the first company who discovered that the USB-Power from the computer is degrading the sound quality
and we invented the LowNoise USB-Power solution with ultra short USB-Adaptors.

Most important things which are essential for USB LowNoise power supplys
1. LowNoise Power
2. Same rules as for for good USB-audio cables, it needs Ultra Short USB-Adaptors, because the USB-signal is degraded if it passes adaptors or PCB-traces which are more than 3cm long.
For verification of above statements, please check below links to the application notes of USB-chip manufacturers, look for design guidelines or PCB layout recommendations :

Ti PCM2906 Stereo Audio USB Interface http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/pcm2906.pdf

Cypress CY7C68013A http://www.cypress.com/?docID=34060

Sound improvement of USB DACs and other devices by our low noise stabilized regulated linear power supply,
a true low noise linear transformer.
Better, cleaner power - super clean stabilized and filtered USB power supply suitable for :

ATTENTION: for best sonical performance, the correct AC-phase is important.
Please turn the AC-powerplug in the AC- outlet to find the better sounding position.

All devices running with 5 Volts and up to 1000mA and also many USB DACs, USB to SPDIF converters, USB-AD convertors, USB Micamps, USB Audio Interfaces USB, external hard-drives, CD-drives, USB audio devices, UBS bus powered audio devices, USB audio interfaces iPod iPhone Dockingstations and so on.

Clean Power for USB devices - the galvanical isolated 5 volt USB Low Noise Linear ( transformer based )
regulated stabilized Low Noise power supply.
Available with USB-adaptor type B-female to-B-male or type A-male to-A-female for eg. HiFace

or barrel connector for e.g. the tuning of Squeezebox² network players or other network streamers.
Other plugs on request.

Compatible with all USB Audio Formats, does not affect the USB-Datalines
- USB Asynchronous
- USB Asynchronous Bulk Mode
- USB Isynchronous
- ASIO, KS Kernel Streaming, DS Direct Sound , WDM Windows Driver Model, MME Multimedia Extensions
- 44.1kHz up to 384 kHz and all values in between (higher resolutions have net been tested yet)
- 16bit up to 64bit and all values in between (higher resolutions have net been tested yet)


Here some customer testimonials

German Test : http://www.hifitest.de/test/zubehoer_hifi/aqvox-usb_low-noise_netzteil_2981.php

One of the best opportunities for sound improvement of USB devices:
It's amazing, how much sound improvement you can get from a dedicated low-noise USB power supply for the USB chip of a DAC and other USB devices like: external harddrives, external CD-drive, Digital-to-Digital convertors, USB headphone amps and other USB-bus driven devices.

For your information: The USB DAC still needs its regular power supply if it not only powered by the USB-bus. Only the USB section is fed with the AQVOX low-noise power supply, because the most USB-DAC´s USB-chips gets its power from the computer via the USB cable.

The Problem:
The USB chips of most DACs or the whole DAC or devices are directly powered with the 5 V of the USB cable from the computer. This is called USB-bus powered.
Aside the regular 5 V between 30 mV to 200 mV ripple/noise are transmitted from the computer.
The more dirty the voltage is the more imperfect is the sound performance. Furthermore, most USB and DAC chips generate the digital clock from that 5 V voltage. However, the more the power supply voltage oszillates or contains noise, the more inexact the generated clock-signal is, resulting in jitter and other sound degrading problems. But clock generation is only one problem. Moreover, the performance of the whole circiutry and chips of the USB device is being affected, thereby downgrading the quality of the output signal significantly.

Another thing is that most USB-ports are limited to 500mV output and other USB-devices connected to the computer or USB-hub are affecting the power-quality. External USB-Harddisks without own powersupply are affecting the computers internal powersupply and all other USB-ports negative.

The Solution:
The powerful transformer (1-Ampere instead of the 0.5-Ampere from most USB-ports), stabilized AQVOX USB Low-Noise linear power supply has average under 0,1mV noise voltage. It is equipped with unique handmade USB adaptors, of which one side is being pluged to the USB socket of the DAC or device or computer and the back side takes the USB cable´s plug. Inside that adapter only the two USB data lines and not the powerline are routed through. The 5 V power supply line coming from the computer is terminated and replaced by the clean power of the AQVOX USB-Low-Noise power supply.

Galvanical isolation
The idea of galvanical isolation of the USB-data conductors for improvement of soundquality has lots of friends but has no real advantage. The only reason for a galvanical isolation of USB-data in audio-setups is, if a groundloop issue makes a loud humm. USB isolators make sense in industrial environments where voltage spikes of some hundred volts or hefty noise can damage the equipment or falsify the USB-signals. Any galvanical isolation, via electronic or via transformer under normal circumstances, brings no sound improvement but is mostly sound degrading by signal alternation. The "evil" computers noise is coming basically through the positive power-rail from the computer - and this is interupted in the AQVOX USB-PSU.


Here you see the USB-B-type male to USB-B-type female adaptor

Also for use with HiFace² with
USB connector type A





AQVOX Low-Noise Power Supply with USB-adapter type USB-B male to USB-B female, USB-A male to USB-A female is also available. A simple but very effective and unique solution. Handmade in germany.


100mHz digital scope

Adventages of the AQVOX USB Low-Noise Power Supply:

1. The USB-chip or USB-circuits in the DAC or whatsover USB-device are powered from AQVOX USB Power Supply. The supply of the USB chips comes not from the computer anymore.

2. The quality of the power supply for the USB chip in the DAC is drastically improved, resulting in a clearly discernible sound improvement. With most USB DACs the connected computer feeds the USB chip with 5 V voltage power. However, alongside with the regular 5 V voltage 30 mV up to 150 mV noise voltage are being transmitted.

3. Some USB devices lose their settings as soon as the comuter is being switched off. With the AQVOX USB Power Supply those devices keep their settings permanently.

4. The power of most USB-ports at computers is limited to max. 500mA. Attached external harddisk draw during operation lots of power and this affects the computers internal powersupply. AQVOX powersupply brings 1A.

AQVOX Ultra-Low-Noise Linear (transformer) USB Power Supply for best audio performance of USB audio devices

Technical Specifications:

100% fully compatible with ALL USB-powered USB-devices
1. Power supply with conventional linear transformer (no switching power supply)
2. Stabilized and regulated with very low noise voltage stabilizers
3. filtered with approx. 4700 µF capacity for good power reserves backup
4. ferrite beads on the powerlines inside the USB-adaptors for noise and transient filtering
5. the powerline between computer and USB-device is disconnected
6. DOUBLE USB POWER Output voltage: approx. 5 Volt and powerful 1000mA (computer USB2-ports have regular 500mA)
7. new improved Ripple & Noise - now with filters at the USB-adaptors (also for the versions with USB-plugs, Barrel-connectors)
8. AC power input: all beetween 200-220-230-240 250Volt AC
---- for 110V like USA, Canada, Japan etc you need our small 110V to 220V filter/transformer, price only Euro 5.-
9. IEC-AC power socket is compatible for AC power cables, we include a powercable for most countrys in Europe, USA, Japan
10. Short-circuit-proofed
11. USB Adapter: B-male to B-female, or A-male to A-female
(other plugs available eg. for ONKYO ND S1 or Squeezebox just ask)
12. DC cable length 150 cm
13. AC Power cord: length 30 cm, Euro Plug, only included if it suits to the country, see AC-wall-plug pictured below
14. Weight: in total approx. 750 g
15. Suitable for many USB DACs, USB hard disk drives, USB Headphone Amps, USB to S/PDIF converters, USB micamps

100% fully compatible with ALL USB-powered USB-devices

AC Powercable - Schuko to IEC


100mHz digital scope, one vertical square are 10mV - this shows 50 - 60mV

A typical power supply of notebook PC

Sources of disturbances (ripple & noise) inside a computer:

1. Backlight of computer monitors: The necessary high voltage of approx. 900 V for LCD/TFT monitors is generated by inverters which produce ripple and noise.

2. Hard disks (internal + external): The actuators of the recording/reading heads produce interference voltage with each positioning or stop move.

3. Clock generators and chips like e.g. the CPU, northbridge, RAM or graphics adapter cause disturbances and noise.

4. Power supplies of notebooks and desktop PCs are not designed for lowest interference voltage and noise, since this is extra costs, not necessarily needed.

5. DC/DC converter producing up to 100mV ripple and noise.
and so on...

100mHz digital scope, one vertical square is 10mV - this shows 40 - 50mV

Interference voltage and noise of USB power from a computer.
Even the use of a battery-powered notebook brings little help.
A typical picture of 5 Volt USB power with 40 mV ripple & noise from a desktop PC without running access of the hard disk.


350mHz Analogscope, one vertical square is 10mV - this shows 60 - 90mV


A typical picture of 5 Volt USB power from a desktop PC with running access of the hard disk.

What devies are compatible with the AQVOX 5V LowNoise Power supply

In general ALL fully USB-Powered Devices are compatile, that are those without a DC-jack or without own powersupply or transformer.

During recent years an enormous amount of USB-Audio devices have hit the market, USB-DACs, USB Headphoneamps USB Audio Interfaces, CD-Players or AMPS with USB-input, all this devices can be sonically improved with the AQVOX 5V Low Noise Power Supply. Instantly audible improvement, we do not talk about nouances in homöopatic doses. Most sold USB-DAC´s are fitted with BurrBrown / TI 27xx bzw 29xx or C-Media CM102S USB audio chips where the USB-chip Application Notes recommends to run the USB-chip with USB-Buspower frm computer, and most design engineers are following this advise.
C-Media CM102S-USB-DAC10

The AQVOX powersupply is available with USB-B/B or A/A or mini- or micro-USB plugs or different DC-plugs

Compatibility List -

Comptible devices

USB-DACs, and other USB audio devices - this list is not complete, the market is simply to big and to fast new Digital Audio devices hitting the market.
100% compatible are all USB-devices without own powersupply.
But with many devices with external or integrated powersupply, the USB-chips inside are still powered from the computers USB-5Volts.

!!! 100% compatible are all USB-devices without own powersupply. !!!

All USB audio devices receive an substancial sound improvement

Digital/Digital Converter - DDC - USB to SPDif (COAX/TOS/BNC)

AQVOX - myDDC 44.1-192/24 USB2 asynchr. with ASIO
AQVOX - myDDC SE (special edition) 44.1-192/24 USB2 asynchr. with ASIO
April Music Stello U2 96/24 USB link
Audiophilleo 1 + 2
Bel Canto USB Link
Bravo USB to S/PDIF Converter
HALIDE Design Bridge
Lindemann DDC - 192 + 96 USB
Manunta - HiFace ONE + HiFace TWO 192/24 USB
Musical Fidelity V-link I + V-Link II + V-Link 192 ( yes, compatible like all USB-powered devices ! )
Sonicweld Diverter HR
Wyred 4 Sound µLink USB/Spdif converter

Digital to Analog Converters DACs + USB Audio Interfaces

All USB audio devices receive an substancial sound improvement

!!! 100% compatible are all USB-devices without own powersupply. !!!

AQVOX myMiniDAC 44.1-192/24 USB2 asynchr. with ASIO
AQVOX myMiniDAC SE (special edition) 44.1-192/24 USB2 asynchr. with ASIO
Apogee Mini-DAC + DUET 2
APRIL Music Stello U3 192/24 USB LINK
Audioengine D1
Audionet ART G2 + G3 ( CD Player mit USB Eingang )
Audio Research ARC DAC 7 (nicht kompatibel: DAC 8 )
Bel Canto USB Link - BUS powered
Bel Canto DAC 2.5 only the USB-Chip is powered from computer
Benchmark DAC1 - first USB series
Beresford USB DAC TC-7520
Bryston BDA-1
Cakewalk UA-25EX CW USB Audio Interface
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic
Centrance USB Devices
Chord QBD76
dB Audio Labs Tranquility SE DAC
Denon DA 300 USB
Devilsound DAC
Digidesign MBox 2 mini
Edirol UA1A USB Powered Audio Interface
E-MU 0204 + 0404
ESI Dr. DAC nano
Firestone Audio Fubar II + III
Hegel Hd2
HOTaudio Extasy USB DAC
HRT Music Streamer (all USB-Bus Powered Models) also the HRT HD
IBUKI Musica DACs + AMPs
iFi iDSD Nano
Kingrex USB DAcs + USB AMPs
Maverick Audio - DAC TubeMagic D1 + D2
Meitner MA-1 DAC
Meridian Explorer - order USB-A/A
Metrum Acoustics Octave Mk II USB DAC
Moon 430HA D
Musical Fidelity V-DAC (NOT the V-DAC II )
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC
Northstar USB DAC 32 Essensio 192 etc.. viele USB Modelle
NuForce Icon 1+2 HD HDP uDAC-2/ uDAC2-HP
PEACHTREE - ALL modells !!! USB-interface chips are powered from computer
Pro-ject USB Box
Resonessence Labs Herus DAC
Resonessence Labs CONCERO HD
Resonessence Labs CONCERO HP
Resonessence Labs HERUS
RME Babyface
Schiit BiFrost
Schiit USB-Bus powered Devices
Silverstone USB DAC
SimAudio Moon 300D
Sound Devices USB Pre 2
Steinberg UR22
Slim Devices Squeeze Box
Logitech Squeeze Box Touch
TASCAM US 122L + 122 MKII + 144L + 144 MKII (all USB-Bus Powered Models)
Totaldac D1 REFERENCE D1 REFERENCE A1 USB http://www.totaldac.com/index.htm
Trends Audio DAC
Yellowtec PUC2

nearly all USB audio devices receive an substancial sound improvement

!!! 100% compatible are all USB-devices without own powersupply. !!!

Here some examples where our USB power supply can improve audio performance and sound quality.

- external USB hard drives
- external CD/DVD drives
- Squeezebox Touch (sehr gute Klangverbesserung ! )
- ONKYO NDS1 iPod Dock ( wird nicht mehr hergestellt)
- ONKYO DS-A5 iPhone iPad Dock
- CD-Players and Amps with USB input
- iPod - iPhone Docking stations

NOT compatible
here our USB-powersupply brings no sound improvement because the USB-chip is self powered (powered from the DAC internally)
Ayre QB9
Benchmark DAC1 new Generation
Arcus rDAC
Arcam iR DAC
Nortstar 192/24
Antelope Audio ZODIAC
T&A DAC8 - USB-Chip Tenor TE8802L is internally powered
Arcam rDAC
Eastern Electric Mini Max & MiniMax DAC Plus
Musical Fidelity V - DAC II
Chord Qute HD
Audiolab 8200 CDQ and all other Audiolab devices with USB
Micromega myDAC
Wired4sound W4S DAC2 DSD
Teac UD-501 DAC
Metrum Acoustics HEX USB DAC
Moon 380D DSD

Inside the above devices, the USB-chips are powered from the DAC´s internal powersupply. The 5V from the computer are not connected to the DAC, and as they are not connected, no "evil-computer-power" can affect or alter the USB-datalines or the DACs electronics. But AQVOX USB-cables will improve the DAC´s sonic performance.
We work on the incompatibility list...

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